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Barge Gauging

Draft surveys are used to determine the weight of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal and steel scrap loaded onto, or unloaded from, a vessel.

They’re a economical means of determining the quantity of cargo by reading the ship’s drafts and calculating the weight using the vessel’s deadweight tables.

Draft surveys require only a measurement of the water displaced by the vessel before and after the cargo is transferred. Water displacement is measured through draft marks on the ship, or using a measuring device, and converted to a volume using draft tables. The difference between the water displaced before and after the cargo transfer will equal the weight of the cargo.

Our experienced surveyors will ensure precise gauging for an accurate weight determination to make sure product value is realized.

Our barge survey report provides pertinent information to keep you informed of all the details, including:

  • Barge Number
  • Barge Type
  • Location
  • Covers (On / Off)
  • Barge Company
  • River
  • Mile Post
  • Cargo
  • Free Board Readings
  • Light Draft
  • Loaded Draft
  • Net Tonnage